Abby Sine

Blacksville, W.Va. Junior, West Virginia University

What is your major and what inspired you to choose it? I am majoring in mathematics with a minor in economics because of my love for patterns and logic. I also want to get a Ph.D. in Mathematics with a focus on undergraduate education so I can be a professor and do research.

What advice would you offer your high school self? I would tell myself that you should not sell yourself short when applying for scholarships and colleges. I would also tell myself to not worry about what other people have to say about the school you choose to go to. Other people have different goals for you, and it is your decision that you should be happy with in the end.

What is it like being a first-generation student? The hardest part is not feeling like you belong on campus because you are doing something no one in your family has done before. As a STEM major, it is hard talking about what I study and research with people from home because they have not had the same experience. I think finding a strong support system of friends in college was something I worried about, but, once I did, we had each other’s backs, pushing each other to study and stay on track.

Why did you join First2?

I wanted to surround myself with people who were also first-generation students who I could turn to for support. Also, I thought the two-week summer internship before college seemed like a unique experience.

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